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Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! We are off to our second month of this new year with new possibilities. We already endured the shock of COVID 19 and are accustomed to how we are going about our lives amidst this pandemic. We have all been under more stress than ever before with the changes and uncertainty of this time.

We already lived in a world where we are over run by our hectic schedules making it even harder to take good care of our bodies. We abuse ourselves to the max to make ends meet and keep up with it all. I want to focus on what we CAN do for ourselves to benefit our mental and physical health. After all, we only have control over what choices and reactions we make in our lives.

Dry Skin Brushing: This practice helps to stimulate your lymph system. You brush in a certain manner on your body with a specific dry skin brush. The benefits are: reduction of cellulite, eliminate dead skin, improved circulation and proper lymph flow, improved nutrient absorption by the skin, boost the nervous system, improved digestion and kidney function as well as smooth and tighten skin. I like to do it right before a shower.

Cold Showers: I know this one is NOT fun but when I actually do it, I feel great! If you take a cold shower, these are some of the benefits: better metabolism, improved circulation, helps to fight off common sicknesses, releases endorphins, tightens skin and reduces hair loss.

Ditch and Switch: Unfortunately, the everyday products we use, including some of those who claim to be “green” are creating health concerns that are costly in the human body. All of our everyday products for our body and homes are filled with chemicals that are endocrine disruptors which can interfere with fertility and even contain known carcinogens! We made the switch to Young Living Essential Oils and those products are as pure as it gets and work very well. We use them for our personal products and for cleaning.

Cleanse and Detox: Your body is working so hard around the clock to keep you healthy. It is definitely overburdened and can become sluggish. There are many benefits and reasons for doing a safe detox. Always make sure you are guided by legitimate information when doing a detox protocol. It is a good idea to let your PCP know as well. The benefits of a detox are: improved weight control, better digestion, clearer thinking, less food and caffeine cravings, shinier hair, better sleep and decreasing the toxic build up in your body.

Get adjusted: Well, you knew I had to mention this one as a Chiropractor! Since our brain and spinal cord are protected by our vertebral column it is very important that we keep our spine healthy! Chiropractic adjustments will decrease the rate of degeneration of the spine, improve mobility, reduce pain and nerve irritation, boost immunity, and allow organs to function as they were designed by sending messages through the nerves out from the spinal cord and to the rest of the body!

Massage Therapy: The spine is held together by our muscles being attached to our bones. That is how we are able to move our joints. Our muscles can develop scar tissue, painful trigger points/knots and they start to restrict proper movement mess up your spinal alignment and cause pain. Getting massages can make all the difference when used with chiropractic by relaxing the muscles so the skelton can operate smoothly and properly.

Proper Supplementation Protocol: Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Functional Medicine Doctors and Health Coaches are typically qualified to make recommendations for supplements. I recommend sitting down with someone who is indeed qualified to make those suggestions and make sure they know all about your current symptoms and don’t leave anything out that you assume is not important.

There are supplements now that have clinically reversed cancer, can prevent alzheimers and parkinsons, can decrease heart disease significantly and can extend life in every mammal. We utilize this technology in our office and it is very powerful for the body to restore and maintain health. If you want to learn more click here:

Well, that’s all folks! Our bodies do so much for us all of the time. We are only as healthy as our cells are! I know the world we live in is full of information overload. It can be so confusing that you don’t even feel like trying to add health practices into your life! I hope you can commit to 1 to 2 of the points listed above over the next month. Give yourself grace in the process as well as praise for putting forth the effort by reading this in the first place! You’re awesome!

Be well,

Dr. Patti


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