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Hear what patients are saying about Cox Chiropractic Care

Your Port St. Lucie Chiropractors

"I came here with severe neck and shoulder pain due to an accident. When I first came to this clinic I could barely turn my neck and driving for more than 10 minutes was very hard. I couldn't even sit for a long time because my back would start to ache. I have been going here for a couple of months and I feel so much better."

-Frankie R.

"I LOVE Dr. Clifton and Patty. My lawyer suggested I go to them following an accident I was in, and over the course of the four or five months that I went here, I became very close with both of them. They are so kind and caring, and never push you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with. I am so happy I was able to meet these wonderful people and their beautiful family."

-Keke B.

"This is the best place I have visited. I have been adjusted by chiropractors with 20 and even 40 years experience and they are by far the best. Husband and wife team will put any doubts at ease. Highly recommend!"

-Freddy F.

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